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Conor Kelly is an acupuncturist, a herbalist, sports massage therapist and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. For more details on Conor and his work visit his website at

Nutritional Therapy

Shane Pearson is a nutritional therapist, a health and wellness coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP and Timeline Therapy. He combines his knowledge and experience of both the mind and the physical body to help people reclaim and improve their health and well-being by helping them regain balance mentally, emotionally and physically.

Stress Management Classes

Classes will take place over 6 weeks and are designed to educate, equip and empower participants with the knowledge, tools and techniques that will help them to manage their stress levels. A particular focus of these classes is on giving participants both a deeper understanding of what stress is and how it affects the mind and body as welll as learning and practising simple yet powerful techniques that can reduce stress quickly and easily.


Weekly meditation class scheduled to commence in September 2014.

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